Summer Powell is an exceptional creative talent. During our shared tenure on Magic Leap's creative leadership team, Summer impressed me with a consistent ability to distill our emerging set of brand principles into a series of truly distinctive design solutions. Her work often blends the sophisticated with the playful, the soulful with the modern, and she can always be counted on to communicate a fresh perspective with timeless aesthetics. Whether designing for print, product, packaging, apparel, marketing collateral or Mixed Reality entertainment experiences, Summer Powell is a natural choice for any organization requiring a highly proficient design lead.
– Terry O'Gara
Digital Producer, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products
Working with the usual aggressive timeline, limited resources, and quirky legacy issues, Summer helped us to fully and successfully re-imagine our company's public face. She brings to the table a creative director's brand sensibility and big-picture vision, a production artist's care for the last detail, and a consultant's open ears and understanding of how to negotiate the line between satisfying and serving the client. Summer is a consummate partner who delivers both a great experience and real value, and I look forward to working with her again.
– Jake Martin
Marketing at Soracom Inc.
I clearly love working with Summer! Given that over many decades she has designed my identity, website components, marketing materials and much more. Each time I have returned to her over and over again because she is that great combination of 1) easy to work with, 2) exceptionally talented, 3) full of ideas, 4) takes a genuine interest in the business, 5) is so organized, and 6) has a lot of experience to add to the project (code for heading down the right road and avoiding the pitfalls). Add to this her knack for listening to my needs - and I always get the best results! Now top with with her kindness and joy and I wholeheartedly recommend her!
– Suzette Sherman
Founder SevenPonds, Inc. & Suzette Sherman Design
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I have really enjoyed working with Summer Powell and I'm indebted to her as we have worked together to completion on so many varied projects.  She has played an essential and integral role in the conception of my business logo, in developing my website, in drafting and creating posters, banners, and business cards.   She has turned daunting projects into fun, creative, and collaborative ventures.   Summer also has a clear vision of what is truly required in a project, which was so valuable during moments when I lacked direction.  She can also skillfully manage group projects, and is able to tactfully share even a contrary opinion when needed in order to move a project forward.  Her interpersonal skills are impeccable and her design skills are beautiful.  For anyone considering Summer's services, I'd highly recommend doing so!
– Sidney Edsall, MD DABMA
Founder Quantum Integral Healing Arts
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Summer is a magical combination of left brain intelligence coupled with right brain creativity! She knows how important it is for artwork and copy to reflect the “energy” and “feel” of a business and truly wants her clients to be happy with the outcome! She has demonstrated this beautifully every time we’ve worked together by asking powerful and pertinent questions, actively listening to my ideas and being genuinely open to feedback. Summer is kind, fun and super easy to work with and the first person I recommend when anyone is looking for a Creative Consultant! 
– Kristen Brown
Life & Relationship Coaching
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