DP/AR Departures and Arrivals is a visual and verbal essay I created with a collaborator. It was published in Visual Communication, an international, London-based publication and forum for graphic design and typography.
The DP/AR subway ride is based on the idea of a continuum from departure to arrival.
It's a narrative based on the vernacular of data – in this case, a train time-table is adapted and infected with the poetic.
We wanted to express the way that our daily lives and experiences are, increasingly, more cold, mechanized and data-based, and less personal and intimate.
Through an everyday subway ride, DP/AR is also about global homogenization of patterns of experience - how ubiquity can be a result of technology. We were thinking of the way that you can get out of a subway in so many cities in the world, and walk into a McDonalds while hearing music blaring on the sidewalk, and it might feel exactly the same -- similar train, same music track, same hamburger and fries.
Because of this sameness, equivalence and ubiquity, the narrative no longer has a beginning, middle and end. It kind of feels like an endless subway ride, with no real final destination.
Recognition: Published in Visual Communication design and literary journal, and Type Design: Radical Innovations
Co-created and designed with Liisa Salonen.
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