The Bodega Party in a Box kit was designed for the Neighbors's Project, a San Francisco-based non-profit focused on solving the problem of urban food deserts. It was sold to fund their initiatives.
The kit featured recipes from food bloggers, and was designed to help you cook a feast and throw a party with ingredients you could get at your local bodega (corner store). The kit included a cookbook, reusable shopping bag, party invitations, and flag bunting to make your party festive.
The raw, punk-inspired design was inspired by urban settings and signage, and also helped accommodate disparate photography quality and recipe formats. The book design was based on a grid that mirrored the dimensions of a bodega refrigerator case; refrigerated items showed up at interval throughout the book.
Hand-scrawled and xeroxed typography reflected the haphazard type you might encounter in a corner store, and the bright, festive color palette and starburst shapes took their inspiration from neon price markers.
Recognition: Featured in Toronto Globe and Mail, Craft Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler's, Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn, NY PIX Morning News
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